Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lab #11


First, we visited Starbucks and photographed our surroundings. We observed the atmosphere of brand names, high prices, and bright lights in this international chain coffee shop, with 37 stores in Hong Kong, not to mention the 2,418 stores in California alone. Their products reflected their international sales, with Tazo products from places such as Portugal and Japan. We noted many promotions for new in-store drinks and products. They are following suit with the rest of the country by displaying thermoses that support the “Green Movement”. Whether Starbucks recycles or not, we are unsure. Some of the Starbuck’s locations seem geared toward a work or relaxation atmosphere, but this store was small and didn’t give the impression of a hang out. The artworks displayed on the walls were “artsy” paintings of a couple of their featured beverages. The entire store successfully compelled the consumer to make a purchase.

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