Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sterling Said...


Being without my phone for 24 hours was pretty difficult for me, but mostly I just felt uneasy without a constant means of communication. I felt disconnected from others, particularly because it was a weekend. I had to continually fight the habit of checking for new texts or missed calls, and it was very challenging to make plans. It was inconvenient to have to ask to borrow a phone, or to try to make plans over facebook. I live at home, so getting together with friends requires communication that felt limitted by being without my cell phone. In some ways it forced more communication by not being able to text (thus an actual phone conversation) but over all I felt isolated and inconvenienced.

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  1. I concur with what Lindsey and Sterling said about going without their cellphones for 31 hours, because I had some of the same recollections. Lindsey said that the worst part was feeling like some emergency was going to happen, and she wouldn't know about it, or be able to get in touch with her family if something happened to her. I believe cell phones are great, because they can alert us quickly about dangerous situations. That's why the school require us to load the "CUKES" to our phones, and without cell phones you can feel extremely out of touch and not as safe.